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A new faculty of Psychology at Irkutsk State University was founded in 1993 on the basis of the College of Physiology and Psychology under the project initiated by professor Dashutin N.K., associate professors Gutnik I.N.; Zhukov K.S.; Konopak I.A. At that time the Faculty of Psychology and Social work included the following departments: Physiology department, Psychology department, Pedagogy department and Sociology department, with 28 professors and associate professors employed. In 1994 there were founded new departments: Applied Psychology department, Experimental Psychology department, Educational and Child psychology department. The Faculty also conducted educational programs to train social workers and logopedists.

In 1998 the Faculty ceased to train “social work” specialists and made a special emphasis on psychology. In 1998 the first group of specialists-psychologists graduated from the University, they were employed at the consulting and analytics departments of government bodies, as well as they were welcomed in educational institutions and legislation bodies.

Nowadays the Faculty of Psychology offers bachelor and master degree programs. Three textbooks written by faculty members became prize winners in the competition. Afterwards they were recognized as course books. High-qualified experts from Moscow and St. Petersburg deliver lectures at the faculty. The Faculty is engaged in a number of research projects and organizes conferences for psychologists from all Siberian regions to take part in.

General Information

The Faculty of Psychology is an increasingly developing division of Irkutsk State University. The Faculty offers bachelor, master and post-graduate courses for Russian and foreign students. At present, the faculty consists of 4 academic departments, 4 laboratories, and 2 research and educational subdivisions. The faculty is known for its friendly atmosphere that is provided by experienced teachers. The dean of the faculty is Igor Konopak.

The faculty is known for developing modern and innovative methods of teaching mainly those that are focused on such student’s activities as training sessions, case-studies and many others. Also a lot of interactive methods of teaching are applied to, and each students stops being just a passive listeners, but becomes an active participant of the educational process, as lecturers are aimed at increasing students’ motivation. Besides, all the students of the faculty can use psycho-diagnostic and psycho-physiological equipment to obtain more practical skills and conduct their own research projects.

Students of the Psychology Faculty have a wide range of opportunities to take an active part not only in research activities, but in social life. The faculty supports several student and volunteer organizations that also contributes to improving personal and professional skills. Thus, the Faculty of Psychology shapes the atmosphere that is favourable for self-actualization and self-development. The Faculty puts great efforts to helps students to find their own way in psychology and their own way in life.


One of the main research topics the faculty members are interested in is “Psychology of personal and professional development”. It is focused on studying such psychological issues as social and psychological adaptation of a person in different life situations, optimal conditions for psychological development of a person engaged in different activities (i.e. emotional communication of children, study and professional activities, etc.), psychological potential of an adult and a child, effective communication, and the problem of avoiding non-adaptive and pathological patterns.

The scientific field mentioned above includes the topics of research projects that faculty members conduct:

  1. Psychological and pedagogical aspects of professional’s identity formation in  the education process.
  2. The study of external and internal factors influencing professional’s activities
  3. Studying the psychological patterns in “Becoming a psychologist” process.
  4. Problems of identity at different stages of life.
  5. Gender peculiarities of personal development at different stages of life
  6. Psychological and pedagogical aspects of an individual style development while studying
  7. Formation and development of the parental identity.
  8. Creative thinking of adults and children.
  9. Psychological safety in education.
  10. Social and psychological determination of the way contemporary psychology develops.
  11. Psychological techniques used in solving conflicts.
  12. Individualism in the life-style of the contemporary youth.
  13. Social and psychological conditions of harmonic identity of the contemporary youth.
  14. Psychological and psycho-physiological characteristics of students’ functional status in different educational situations.
  15. Human psychology in extreme life situations.




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The Faculty of Psychology, Irkutsk State University

Address: 664025, Russia, Irkutsk, Chkalov St., 2.


Dean: Igor Konopak +7 (3952) 20-23-61; dean@psy.isu.ru

Assistant dean for Education and Student Affairs: Margarita Uvarova +7 (3952) 24-07-22; uv-marg@mail.ru

Assistant dean for Economics and Finances: Tatyana Voloshina +7 (3952) 20-18-71; 201871@mail.ru

Assistant dean for Science and International Affairs: Nadezhda Chernetskaya +7 (3952) 20-23-49; cherna@yandex.ru

Department of Educational and Child Psychology: +7 (3952) 20-23-49; kafedra408@mail.ru

Department of Social Psychology: +7 (3952) 20-23-49; glazcov_2001@mail.ru

Department of General Psychology+7 (3952) 24-02-61; obshayapsyh@mail.ru 
Department of Medical Psychology: +7 (3952) 203-630; med_psy@mail.ru

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