Yaroslavtzeva Irina Vladilenovna, Doctor of Sciences in Psychology (Specialty 19.00.13 – Developmental Psychology, Acmeology), Professor, the Head of the Specialized Department «Medical Psychology» at Irkutsk State University, the Research Centre of Family Health Care and Human Reproduction.

Irina Vladilenovna is the Chief Editor of the Seriya «Psichologiya» (Series «Psychology») of the journal «Izvestiya Irkutskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta» («The Bulletin of Irkutsk State University») URL:

Background and Professional Life:

Irina V. Yaroslavtzeva defended her thesis on «Dimensional Visual Analysis of Children with Mental Conditions and their Typically Developing Peers» (Specialty 03.00.13 – Human and Animal Physiology, 19.00.01 – General Psychology) at Irkutsk State University under the supervision of Doctor of Sciences in Biology, Professor L. N. Mogilyov.

In 2003 she received her doctorate after defending the thesis «A Deprived Adolescent: Personality and Psychophysiological Peculiarities of Development» at Moscow State Pedagogical University (her academic advisor was Doctor of Sciences in Psychology, Professor V. G. Aseev)

She is the member of the editorial staff of a scientific journal «Razvitie lichnosti» («Personality Development»), Moscow.

Irina V. Yaroslavtzeva is a deputy head of a project focused science and education center of psychophysiology at Irkutsk State University.

She was a project coordinator of Р221-13-001 project of the ISU strategic development program «Psychological and Psychophysiological Attributes of Students’ Functional State under Different Education Process Conditions» in 2012 - 2016.

In 2012 and 2014 she was a project implementer at the 2nd and 3rd Conferences of Educational Establishment Psychologists of Siberia «Psychology in the Educational Process: Current Situation and Prospects».

Irina V. Yaroslavtzeva is the member of the Russian Society of Psychologists and the Russian Federation of Education Establishments Psychologists, a Bureau member of the section «Psychology of Personal Development»  at the Russian Academy of Education (adviser – memer of the Russian Academy of Education V. S. Mukhina)

In 2015 (Moscow) she became a laureate at the All-Russian contest of prevention programs in the sphere of child and adolescent mental health care named «Healthy Generation» with her project «The Choice Is Yours» addressing the prevention of adolescent developing addiction to nicotine of orphans and children without parental support.

She became a prizewinner of the National Public Premium for the «Contribution to Prevention Mental Disorders» category for active involvement in prevention mental disorders among different layers of the Russian Federation population at the National Congress «Person’s Mental Health in the XXI Century» held in Moscow 7-8 October 2016.

Irina V. Yaroslavtzeva has been awarded with: Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Education of Russia; award pin «Honoured Figire in Higher Professional Education»; the badge of public recognition «75th anniversary of the Irkutsk Region» by the Irkutsk region governor’s order.

The scope of her scientific interests includes: medical psychology, health psychology, psychology and psychophysiology of deprived children and adolescents.

She is the author of more than 100 academic and teaching publications. She is the author of more than 100 academic and teaching publications. Some of them are: monograph Psychology of Deprived Adolescents, 2000; the monograph Deprived Children: Health and Adaptation Problems, 2002; the monograph Children’s Mental Health and Health Protection Process in Educational Establishments, 2003; the study guide Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse among Young People, 2008, 2010; the study guide Prevention of Smoking among Young People, 2008, 2010; the textbook for students The Choice Is Yours! Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse among Youth, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013; the textbook for students The Choice Is Yours! Prevention of Smoking among Youth, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013; the training manual Tertiary Prevention of Psychoactive Substance Addiction, 2011; the training manual Mental Deprivation during Childhood and Adolescence, 2014; the training manual Addictive Behavior: Clinical and Psychological aspects of Prevention and Correction, 2014.

Irina V. Yaroslavtzeva provides scientific guidance for postgraduate students and degree seekers at ISU. She also guides Master’s degree program 37.04.01 «Psychology», «Psychological counseling», and professional development programs «Prevention of addictive behavior among youth», «Issues of diagnosis and correction of post-traumatic stress disorder», «Current issues of preventive measures and strengthening psycho-physiological potential of military officers». 

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